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NetPlus Migration for P3Software Customers

P3Software customers who have been using the P3Expeditor system since before 2007 are being encouraged to migrate to the P3 cloud based NetPlus system. Prior to 2007 the NetPlus service was not available to P3Software customers, so older P3Software customers used local area network servers to store their shared P3Expeditor data. Since the NetPlus service has proven very beneficial for customers we are encouraging all P3Software customers to migrate to this data storage service option.

Under the NetPlus enterprise system, shared data files are stored on a server operated by P3Software rather than a server operated by the customer on their local area network.

From a user's perspective, there is no difference in the way the system operates between these two options. However, there are some significant advantages to the NetPlus service:

  1. Your computer no longer needs to be attached to your local area network to access your P3 system data. Which means, you can access the P3 system from locations outside your offices: home, press checks, hotel rooms, satelite offices, etc.
  2. P3Software support staff can access your data directly and resolve problems far more efficiently when the data is stored on our server.
  3. We backup your data daily, and can restore individual files very efficiently if the need ever arises.
  4. The online application is identical to the installed version. (Technically, it is the same executable Java file running as an applet instead of an installed application.)
  5. There is much less need for local IT support.

If you decide to go forward, the migration process for switching to NetPlus is fairy simple.

  1. We would set up a data storage folder on the P3Software server for your data.
  2. We would switch your licenses to access data in the folders on the P3Software server.
  3. We would then use P3Expeditor's built-in file transfer utility to copy your files from your local server to your new NetPlus folder. We typically walk customers through the process by phone. This usually takes about 45 minutes to execute.

Because these NetPlus capabilities make it easier for us to support you and make P3Expeditor much more accessible for you, we are recommending that all of our customers migrate to the NetPlus configuration. The NetPlus technology has been in place at P3Software for since 2007 and is extremely reliable. The online version of P3Expeditor has been in use since 2009 and has proven to be very efficient and reliable also. At this point, all new sales prospects and customers are enrolled with the NetPlus technology and online version of P3Expeditor.

Lastly, there is no additional cost for using the NetPlus service.

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