Completing or Cancelling Job

The last step of the Job Work Flow after ordering the job is marking the job complete. This is important to do for two reasons. First, completing a job will prompt you to mark it as inactive, meaning the Job List will no longer display it by default. This reduces clutter in your workspace and keeps your focus on work that has not been completed. Second, a prompt will appear to set the completion date, and rate the supplier on their performance. This is important for your own records in the Reporting System (particularly the P3 Summary By Quality Rating and P3 Orders Report Card). By rating your suppliers' performances after each job, you can later see if a supplier often does not meet your expectations or does not complete the job on time. For more information about this, see Reporting System.

Completing a Job

Job Master Window with Notes and History Pane

The easiest way to complete a job once production has finished and the materials have been shipped/received is to press the Complete Job button in the upper right corner of the Job Master. Make sure to make any notes you need to in the Job Rating pane, and that you have updated the production dates to Actual in the General Info tab.

A prompt will then appear to set the job rating, and another one to confirm the completion date of the job. The available ratings are Major Problem, Minor Problem, Met All Expectations, Exceeded Expectations, and Excellent. You can configure this list and add more ratings through the Enterprise Labels & Lists tab of the My Settings Window.

Set Job Rating Window with dropdown

The job rating you select will be visible when this job or supplier is included in certain reports from the Reporting System, and the actual vs. anticipated production dates will be used to calculate the supplier's on time percentage, among other statistics.

Cancelling a Job

You can also cancel a job at any moment by adjusting the Job Status or by selecting Cancel Job in the Job dropdown menu.

"Job Dropdown menu"

Upon selecting Cancel Job or adjusting the Job Status to cancelled a dialog box will open asking you to confirm your cancellation so accidental cancellations don't happen as easily.

"Cancellation Menu"