Selecting Job Bidders

Selecting bidders is the step taken after Entering Job Specifications in the Job Work Flow, also known as the second step of Job Work Flow. The next step is Send RFQs.

Selecting suppliers for a Job

Select Suppliers for a Job

When you click the Select Suppliers button on the Job Master window, a special version of the Supplier List window will pop-up. This screen has two functions. It allows you to:

  1. Manage your permanent Suppliers. Adding, editing and deleting suppliers on your permanent list. This function is described in the main Supplier List help page.
  2. Select and manage the Suppliers for the job you are currently working on (listed under Bidders for Job).

The Suppliers List window appears and works much the same as the Suppliers List window that can be accessed from the Main P3Source Application Window. The bottom half of the Suppliers List window tab titled BCustomer Info now includes the name of the job selected and displays the information on the customer.

Adding a Supplier to a Job

To add a supplier from your permanent Suppliers List to the Bidders for Job list, simply click on radio button next to the desired supplier. The color will change to green and the word Selected will appear next to the radio box. This will add the supplier selected from the permanent Suppliers List to the Bidders for Job list. The supplier's information should then appear on the Bidders for Job list. The suppliers will also appear on the Suppliers Selected For This Job list on the Job Master window when you close the Select Suppliers window.

Deleting a Supplier from a Job

To delete a supplier from the Bidders for Job list, simply uncheck the selected radio box for the supplier supplier you want to delete from the Bidders for Job list in the lower lefthand corner of the Suppliers List window. The suppliers name will then be removed from the job record (but not the permanent list).