Change Password

Purpose & Function

Change Password from the Global window / "Change Password" menu item

The Change Password dialog allows you to change your account password for accessing the P3Expeditor system.

NOTE: If you use both an installed version and the online version, changing your password from the online version will cause the installed version to prompt for your new password the next time it is run.

Passwords must be at least six (6) characters long and should only contain letters, numbers and are case sensitive.

To change your password, enter your new password in the first entry box and you must re-enter it a second time to verify correct entry. Then click on the Change Password button. You should see the following happen in the dialog.

Change Your P3Expeditor Password

When your password has been changed with the P3Software server, the following dialog will appear.

Password Update Successful

Installed Startup with and Invalid Password

In the case of the installed version with an incorrect password in your local user settings file, when you start P3Expeditor, the following dialog is displayed.

Incorrect Password Error Message

If you enter your correct password and click OK, P3Expeditor retries contacting the P3Software server and the correct password is stored in your local user settings.

If the you choose Cancel, the following dialog is displayed.

Email Password Message

If you choose Email Password, we will try to email your password to you. The first dialog is redisplayed so you can try the password you received in your email.

If you choose Quit, P3Expeditor just quits.