Purpose & Function

All your Job and Project files where you need them, when you need them.

The FileBank is a repository for any and all files associated with and/or attached to a project or job, also storing everything attached to P3SOURCE emails. Along with storing all information of every download for each file. This allows all your Job and Project related files to be stored in one place for easy Job/Project duplication and takes the stress off of your own storage. Your files are highly secured due to AWS S3 storage, which blocks public access, controls access rights through ACLs and is encrypted. Full benefits of using the P3SOURCE FileBank are but not limited to:

  • Conventient: All your necessary data in one centralized place. No needing to hunt for files from a 2 year old Job.
  • Secure: Secured to the same extent all AWS S3 data is secured, AWS S3 being the current market leader in cloud storage.
  • Persistent: As long as you maintain your P3 account your data will persist with us.
  • Low Cost: Compared to operating servers and storage backups.

Origin of Files

Collects all files related to a Job or Project in P3Source. These origins can be broken up into 3 categories: P3Source, P3Connect Supplier Portal, P3Connect Customer Portal.


  • P3Source email attachments
  • Files uploaded directly to FileBank
  • Files copied from other Jobs or Projects

P3Connect Supplier Portal

  • Files attached to RFQ Responses from Suppliers
  • Files submitted with P3Connect Projects
  • Supplier Invoices uploaded through the Job Cost panel
  • Shipment documents submitted through the Supplier Portal

P3Connect Customer Portal

  • Files submitted with Proposal Responses from Customers

FileBank List Panel

Shows all the files associated with the Project or Job you selected along with the other P3 entities this file is attached to. It also displays the number of total downloads in the downloads column.

File Bank Overview Page

FileBank Details Tab

The "View" button downloads the file to your local machine and automatically opens it for your viewing.

The "Save As" button allows you to choose where to download the file to on your local machine and does not open it automatically.

The "Comment" buttons allows you to leave a comment about the selected file, and attach that comment to the file.

The "Remove" button allows you to remove or delete as it were the selected file.

The "History" tab shows all the previous download information, this includes:

  • Number of downloads
  • Date of download
  • Who downloaded it, their IP address or their email if they are an authenticated user. Download History

How to Upload a File:

  1. In FileBank select the "Upload/Add" button to open a file explorer/browser.
  2. Then browse your file system till you find the file you want to upload.
  3. Then click "Select File".

Upload/Add Button

How to Download a File:

  1. In FileBank select the "Save As" button after selecting a file from the list.
  2. Then choose a destination on your local machine to download the file to.
  3. Then click "Select Folder" NOTE View will automatically download the file to your temporary directory and open the file, also double clicking the file in the file list runs the view command/function.

Save As Button

How to Copy from another Job/Project:

  1. In FileBank select the "Copy Files From Button...", which opens the Search Archive dialog window for searching Jobs and Projects to copy files from them.
  2. Search for the Job or Project that you want to copy from.
  3. Once found select the Job or Project Copy Files From

Limitations & Exclusions

Space and file sizes are generally not limited except with these Exceptions:

  • Email attachment uploads are limited to 50MB. Email attachments are not attachments in the traditional sense, the emails only truly contain links to the File Bank files. By avoiding attachments we can have a larger file size than the 25 MB that most email service providers enforce, it also avoids putting a load on the email service allowing for faster communication.
  • The practical limitation of long upload times, files of a certain size will have long upload times due to the very nature of their size.
  • P3Software retains the right to exclude inappropriate or abusive storage of materials unrelated to the Procurement process. Files unrelated to a Job or Project may be removed and will be considered a violation of P3Source Terms of Service.

Time though remains unlimited as long as you maintain your P3Source account, there is currently no restriction on time.