Job Calendar

Main Application Window, with the "Job Calendar" window showing

The Job Calendar panel displays a view of your Job Deadlines using a familiar calendar display format. The screen is divided into three basic areas.

  • The Job Deadlines list area to the upper-left of the panel.
  • The Calendar area, to the upper right.
  • The Job Summary area is at the bottom of the panel.

The Job Deadline List

This list displays a range of Job deadlines based on the day selected on the calendar to the right. The Job Deadline list displays in three columns: "Date", "Deadline Type", and "Job Name".

  • Each column can be sorted by clicking on its column heading.
  • Clicking on a Job Deadline in the list will cause the Summary panel to show detailed information about the selected Job.
  • Double-clicking on a Deadline will open the Job Manager window for the selected Job.

You can use your keyboard's up and down arrow keys to move up and down the Job List and the selected job Summary information will be displayed for the highlighted job.

The Calendar

The calendar section displays a whole month of Job Deadlines at a glance. You can move forward or backward a month at a time by clicking on the right and left arrows at the top of the calendar. The left arrow changes the calendar to the previous month and the right arrow moves to the next month.

When the screen is first displayed, the current month is shown in the calendar and with the current day highlighted in green. The calender displays the number of Jobs Deadlines on each day of the displayed month.

  • Clicking on a day with jobs causes the text to turn red and Jobs Deadline list to zoom into just that day.
  • Clicking that again will cause the Job Deadlines to Zoom out to their normal range of dates centered around the selected day.

The normal range of Job Deadlines displayed is 30 days in the past and 30 days in the future from whatever day is selected on the Calendar. That range can be modified by clicking on the text just above the Job Deadlines list showing the current date range.

Job Summary Information

The Summary panel is located below the Job Deadlines list. It displays Summary information about a specific Job selected in the Job Deadline list. Notes about the selected Job can be added and edited in the Job Notes text area at the right end of the summary. When the Job is opened or the selection changes, any Job Notes with editing in process will be automatically saved.