Job Calendar

Main Application Window, with the "Job Calendar" window showing

The Job Calendar panel displays a view of your job schedules using a familiar calendar display format. The screen is divided into three basic areas. The first area, in the upper left, displays a complete month in the calendar format. The second area is to the right of the calendar and is a list of jobs selected by the calendar on the left. The third area is the bottom third of the screen, and it displays Summary information about a specific job selected in the second area job list.

The Calendar

The calendar section displays a whole month at a glance. You can move forward or backward in time by clicking on the right and left arrows at the top of the calendar. The left arrow changes the calendar to the previous month and the right arrow to the next month.

When the screen is first displayed, the current month is shown in the calendar and the current day's background color is selected. If any day has a job deadline date falling on that day, the calander will display the number of jobs due on that day enclosed in parentheses. Clicking on a day with jobs causes the jobs to be listed to the right of the calendar. The job list displays in three columns. They are the "Date", "Deadline Type", and "Job Name". Each column can be sorted by clicking on its column heading.

By default, when a day is selected on the calendar by clicking on the day, only one day is selected and this is indicated by making the border of the selected day red. To the right of the calendar and above the job list are a couple of drop lists. These controls can be used to influence the selected job list. "Showing jobs XX days before and XX days after selected date." The drop lists will indicate how many consecutive days before and after the selected date will be highlighted. All active jobs for this period are displayed in the job list. Selected days are bordered in red.

The Selected Job List

When jobs are listed in the selected job list, a job can be clicked on to display Summary information about the job in the bottom third of the screen. You can use your keyboard's up and down arrow keys to move up and down the Job List and the selected job Summary information will be displayed for the highlighted job. You can open a job by double clicking on the job in the Job List.

Job Summary Information

When the Summary panel is displayed below the Job List, notes about the job can be entered in the Job Notes field. When the job is opened or changed, any Job Notes entered will be saved.