Job Order Window

Ordering a job is the second to last step of the Job Work Flow, after Compare Quotes & Award Job. The next and last step is Complete Job.


When you award a job to a supplier in the Job Master and its status is set to Awarded, the appearance of the Job Master changes to reflect the next step of the order process. The panel in the bottom-left corner will now, when opening a job, show by default the Order Info tab. Additionally, the specifications will display a new section above General Instructions, called "Order Details," that gives detail on the price, rate, and quantity of your order (once it has been made). Press either the Order Job button in the Job Master Workflow Buttons along the top of the window, or the Order Now button in the Order Info panel to bring up the Job Order Window.

The Job Order window is where you convert your job into a purchase order when you are ready to actually produce the job. This window has tools to pull in information from the quotes your suppliers have provided. Once you have all the numbers in, click the Authorize Order button to lock in the amounts and then email the order to your supplier. Be sure to keep up with the steps of completing a job and updating the Job Status. This is important so that you may use the Reporting System effectively. This section facilitates the building and submitting of Work Orders. This is not a Purchase Order, although it can be substituted for a PO if your firm doesn't use a formal purchase order process. After filling in the Job Order form, you can print it or email it as a Work Order or Purchase Order.

Filling Out the Job Order

Job Order window

The Purchase/Work Order, when finished and printed, looks very similar to the RFQ for the selected job. The system will fill in most of the information for you, including contact details for yourself and the supplier, the name and number of the job, and the specifications for the job. You only need to fill out the Purchase Order Number, delivery and order dates, tax rate, and quantity. You may add order instructions using the text field on the right, and optionally add terms and conditions by pressing the View T&C button.

Order Info tab located in the lower left corner of the Job Master window, General Info tab pane

"Purchase Order #" - Simply fill in whatever PO number you like or click the **Insert Job # ** button to use the current Job Number for the Purchase Order # . If you wish, you may leave the field blank if your firm does not use purchase orders.

"Delivery Date" - Click on the drop list calendar to fill in the expected Delivery Date.

"Order Date" - Click on the drop list calendar to fill in the date the order is placed.

"Quantity/Price" - You can enter the final quantity and price manually, or select it off the list of quantities and prices from the winning supplier's bid data by clicking the View Bid button. You may use the Insert Bid button to fill in one of the quantities and rates from the supplier's response to the RFQ. Double-click on any of the fields in the list to edit it. Finally, use the checkbox in the Tax column to indicated whether to tax a particular line of the order.

"Tax Rate" - Use the drop-down list and Edit button at the bottom of the window to select a tax rate.

The total quantity and price are shown at the bottom of the window, including any taxes. Finally, use the Authorize Order button to authorize and finalize the order. You cannot print or send the Work/Purchase Order until it has been authorized. If needed, you may edit the information again by pressing the Unlock Authorization button (which appears in place of the Authorize Order button). Note that this will require the order to be re-authorized before it can be printed again.

Printing & Sending

Job Order- View, Send, Print menu

Once an order has been authorized, you may use the View/Send/Print menu at the top of the window to review the Purchase/Work Order, send it via email, or print it to an HTML document. Note: Only Purchase Orders can include terms and conditions.

  • Work Order - click this button and choose the Print or Email button on the pop-up window to configure and print or email the order to the supplier (works much the same as an RFQ email).

Purchase Order Options from the Job List panel / Job Master window / Order menu / View/Send/Print menu / "Purchase Order" menu item

  • Purchase Order - will bring up a window for your Purchase Order Options. Indicate the Report Type which includes "Plain Purchase Order", "Purchase Order with T&C" or "Terms & Conditions Only". The Print and Email buttons will configure the Purchase Order. Only Purchase Orders may include terms and conditions. Again, you may print the order, or send it to the supplier in an email message.
  • Terms & Conditions - View and edit the terms and conditions for the order. Works identically to the View T&C button next to the quantity list.
  • Winning Bid - View the pricing and supplier information for the winning bid. Works identically to the View Bid button next to the quantity list.

Important: Once the Purchase or Work Order has been sent, be sure to track your results and eventually fully complete the job.

QuickBooks Purchase Order Integration

Managing Purchase Orders for your P3 system Jobs with QuickBooks

This window is accessable from the Job Master window and facilitates the building and submitting of Purchase Orders to your QuickBooks Accounting System.

Supplier - The Selected Supplier listed is based on the Job Award selection made in the Compare Bids screen. The "Winning Bid Details" string will indicate if the suppler has been synchronized with your accounting system by displaying either (Synced) or (Not Synced).

The Request Purchase Order button will request a new Purchase Order from your accounting system and display the PO number assigned to the left of the button. Before clicking on this button you should fill in the Quantity and Price fields for your order.

Purchase Order# - This will show the Purchase Order number assigned by your acounting system. It will be blank if no Purchase Order has been created for this job.

Quantity and Price - You can enter the final quantity and price manually, or select it off the list of quantities and prices from the winning supplier's bid data. To select a quantity / price click on the appropriate Select button or if an Implied Price has been determined, click on the Implied Price button. When you click on the Request Purchase Order button and the winning supplier has not been synchronized with your accounting system and can not be found in the accounting system's list of suppliers, a dialog saying "Supplier not found in QuickBooks. Synchronizing..." will be displayed. Clicking on the OK button will display a list of vendors from the accounting system. If you click the Cancel button the process will be aborted and control will return to the Job Work Order dialog. Clicking on the Ok button will associate the Purchase Order with the selected vendor. Clicking on the New button will add a new vendor to the accounting system and associate them with the new Purchase Order. You will then be presented with a dialog with a droplist of Items available from your accounting system. Select an item and click on the Ok button. After a few moments a dialog will be displayed indicating the newly created Purchase Order number. Click on the Ok button and control will return to the Job Work Order dialog. The Request Purchase Order button will be changed to an Update Purchase Order button.

When you click on the Update Purchase Order button, any updates you have made to the Quantity and Price fields will be sent to your accounting system to update the Purchase Order. You will be given the opportunity to update the ordered Item.

Send Order - click the "Send Order" button and the "Email Message" screen will appear configured to send the order.