P3Connect Supplier Portal

Purpose & Function

The purpose of the P3Connect Supplier Portal is to streamline communication between P3Source users and their Suppliers during the production process. It automates routine common communications, so P3Source Users and Suppliers spend less time hunting for information and more time using that information. The Supplier Portal provides standardized tools that streamline these processes:

  • Accept Order: Suppliers can acknowledge receipt and acceptance of Purchase Orders and confirm the schedule, quantity and pricing.
  • Post Shipment: Suppliers can Post shipment data with quantities, carriers, tracking and packing information.
  • Submit Invoice: (future release) Post invoice documents and information for acceptance by the P3Source User.

This standardized process makes it easy for Suppliers to get the information P3Source Users need in a quick reliable standardized fashion. Email alerts are sent when Suppliers post information. Alerts are also displayed in the P3Source system, where all the details can be quickly and easily accessed.

The Benefits of the Supplier Portal are that it:

  • Speeds communication by eliminating steps.
  • Ensures complete information by structuring data and providing cues to users.
  • Enables parties to access submitted data quickly and easily.
  • Integrates the data and alerts into a single place, the P3Source system.
  • Preserves information with the rest of the Job details.
  • Standardizes the information process so information flows along one reliable path.


The diagram below illustrates the different steps and results in the process.

Supplier Portal Overview Flowchart

Accept Order Workflow

Step 1: Compose and Authorize Order

The process begins when the P3Source User creates and authorizes a Purchase Order in P3Source. (See the Job Ordering Help Page for more details.)

Review Information and Send Order

Step 2: Send Purchase Order

The P3Source user sends the Purchase Order order, which includes the Accept Order and Post Shipments hyperlinks.

Purchase Order

The Supplier Decision

When the Supplier receives an Order email from P3Source they will find the Accept Order link at the top of the email. The Supplier may use that link to go to the Order Response page and Accept or Decline the Order. Once a decision is made confirmation emails are sent and the results are recorded in the P3SOURCE Job record. More details of the Order acceptance can be viewed through a details page.

Supplier Accepts or Declines Order

Step 3: Receive Supplier Response

When the Supplier makes their decision the process splits. If the Order is declined the process loops back to Step 1 where the P3Source User adjusts the Purchase Order. If the Order is accepted the Post Shipments process activates.

If the Order is Accepted:

  • The Shipment Posting process activates.

If the Order is Declined the process starts again:

  • (optional) Select a different Supplier.
  • (Step 1) Adjust and re-authorize the order .
  • (Step 2) Re-send the revised Order back to a Supplier for approval.

Viewing the Order Acceptance

P3Source Users can view the order response in the P3Source Job Manager window. Select the Order menu and the View Order Response menu item.

View Order Response

Post Shipments Workflow

This process is triggered by the Supplier when they start making shipments of manufactured goods. It may only be started if the Supplier has accepted the Order. The Order email contains a Post Shipments link at the top just the right of the Accept Order link (see email image above). If the supplier misplaces the email another copy of the order can be sent. The Order Acceptance notice also contains a link for Posting Shipments.

Step 1: Supplier uses the link

The Supplier clicks the hyper link and goes to the Post Shipments page.

Supplier enters shipment info

Step 2: Supplier posts shipment data

The Supplier can use the Post Shipment page to capture the details for a shipment (Quantity, description, carrier, destination, expected arrival, etc.). If more than one shipment has been made the Supplier may use the Post Shipment page repeatedly, before finalizing the process and sending email notices. As they progress each shipment is saved, so no data is lost if the Supplier fails to finalize the shipment(s).

  • The Supplier may post several Shipment records before finalizing the batch and sending the notice.
  • Suppliers may create several batches of shipments over time.
  • The Post Shipment web page form includes a "Shipments Complete" element. The Supplier can use this element to tell the P3Source User that they believe the shipments are complete. That is only advisory in nature. So, if the Supplier needs to enter further Shipments they are free to do so, as long as the Job is still active.

Step 3: Shipment Notices go out

Once the shipments are finalized an email confirmation notice is sent to both parties. The email contains a list of all the shipments recorded for the Job and links to access the details on-line. Any Shipment file attachments are stored in the P3Source FileBank. A "New Shipments Received" alert is also displayed in the Job List in P3Source and the Shipment information is recorded in the P3Source Job record. Shipment information can be seen either through email or by clicking the option in the Order dropdown menu.

Order Dropdown Menu View Shipment

Step 4: Buyer completes Job

The Post Shipments process ends when the P3Source User marks the Job Status as Complete and Deactivates the Job. That action will deactivate the Post Shipments page. If the hyperlink is used an error message will indicate that the Job is no longer available to post shipment information to.

Please Note: ALL documents attached to emails and sent to both Supplier and Buyer are automatically stored in the P3Source FileBank (FileBank Help Page).