Supplier Portal


  • Allows suppliers to acknowledge receipt and acceptance of purchase orders. Confirming thier timing, quantity and pricing.
  • Suppliers can also enter shipping data. Sharing quantities, carriers, tracking information and packing information.
  • You'll recieve email alerts for all of these things on top of all the infomation will update in P3SOURCE

Purpose & Function

The goal of the Supplier Portal is to streamline communication between Buyer and Seller, in doing so common communications between Suppliers and P3Source users have now been automated. Communications such as Order Acceptances, (where the supplier formally accepts and acknowledges receiving an order), Shipment Notices, (where the Supplier provides information on shipments that have been made), and in the future Supplier Invoices, (where the supplier submits an invoice for the order). Benefits of this include:

  • Speedy communication by eliminating steps For purchase order it couldn't be easier, The Supplier clicks the link in the email and goes to a webpage created specifically for this transaction.
  • Ensures complete information by structuring data and cueing users
  • Enables parties to access submitted data quickly and easily
  • Integrates the data and alerts into a single platform, the P3Source platform
  • Preserves information with the rest of the job
  • Standardizes the information process so information flows through one reliable path

ALL documents attached to emails and sent to both Supplier and Buyer get automatically stored in the P3Source FileBank.

Purchase Order


The diagram below gives a brief overview of the different steps and their results in this new streamlined sequential workflow.

Supplier Portal Overview Flowchart

Order Acceptance Workflow

Creates a sequential Order Acceptance workflow:

Order Acceptance Workflow Step 1

Buyer approves and sends the Purchase Order order acceptance link Review Information and Send Order

Order Acceptance Workflow Step 2

Supplier Accepts or Declines the order that the Buyer sent.

Order Acceptance Workflow Step 3

*If declined buyer may adjust the order and resend it or pick a different supplier *If accepted the Shipment Posting link activates The Supplier accepts the order on the Order Response page by entering their name. If accepted confirmation emails are sent to you the buyer and the supplier along with confirmation updates into P3SOURCE Supplier Accepts or Declines Order

You can view the order response in the Job Manager window. View Order Response

Shipment Workflow

Also creates a sequential Shipment Notice workflow, which mirrors the Acceptance Workflow above

Shipment Workflow Step 1

Supplier posts one or more shipments and submits. They may post more than one shipment if more than one is needed to fulfill the order. Supplier enters shipment info

Shipment Workflow Step 2

Notices are sent to the Buyer. All notices and communication is done via email but all email attachments are stored in the FileBank and the information is updated in the P3Source client.

  • Supplier may repeat the shimpment posting until Order is complete
Shipment Workflow Step 3

Buyer completes/deactivates Job which deactivates the Shipment link. Buyer may also rate and review the Job.