Welcome to The P3 System

The P3Source Main Application Window

The P3 system is a great tool for building and managing print project specifications, suppliers, schedules, and production. Whether it is a single piece or a complex multi-bid package, you will be able to create and communicate comprehensive specifications. In addition, all the job information will be presented in an organized and complete format ensuring accurate bid responses from your printers. This system has been developed to ensure that you get the most benefit while using this application.

How Does the P3 System Work?

The P3 System is a unique product in many ways. It is not a web-based program yet it uses the Internet for communications. What P3 does best is help you organize and manage all aspects of print buying, and it does it following our general rule: if it helps the print buyer and the printer and doesn't interfere in their relationship - do it! P3 Software maintains servers that guarantee your job specifications are directed to the printers you choose. It is completely secure - at no time can another printer receive or access information not intended for them. Your printers, upon receiving and estimatinan RFQ, simply click on a link located in the job spec email and post the prices online. This process is completely secure. Each RFQ you send to your printers will create a unique web address for each printer to post pricing. The site welcomes the printer by name, references the job by name and number and enables them to respond with pricing or a No Bid. There is also an area for the printer to write additional notes, pricing alternatives, etc.

When you bring up P3, click on the Global menu and select "Update Prices", the pricing information automatically downloads from the server and updates your Bid Response screens. When available, it updates your paper selection database and application upgrades. The entire process takes just seconds.

Getting Started

Main Application Window with Global Menu showing My Settings selected

Once you have signed up and logged on, the first step is to click on "My Settings" from the Global menu on the Main Application window and fill in the appropriate information.

If you have a question in this section or any other section, just click the Help menu. Next, enter the Suppliers menu and enter the information about your printer / suppliers. Or just start building print specs by clicking the New Job button on the Main Application window.


The P3 system is a feature-rich suite of applications that manages the entire print acquisition process for print buyers, brokers, in-plants, and manufacturers. It accommodates all types of printing including: brochures, manuals, letterhead, business cards, newsletters, presentation folders, product sheets, annual reports, technical publications, posters, direct mail, post cards, envelopes etc.

  • Ensures all specifications are included to receive accurate, accountable bids
  • Save and organize all of your job specifications and bidding activity
  • View and review the bid as you build it
  • Amend, copy or resubmit job specifications effortlessly
  • Maintains a supplier section listing your printers with details specific to each
  • Select and communicate job specs to your printers with a click of the mouse
  • Supplier pricing automatically updates to the system.
  • Compare pricing in a spreadsheet format
  • Create estimates and proposals
  • Award and Order jobs
  • Manage date, tasks, deadlines
  • Create custom (bespoke) reports from the powerful reporting system