Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Expand Memory For Java?


Some customers using the P3Expeditor system may need to increase the computer memory available for the Java runtime system within which P3Expeditor runs. Typically these are customers who have large databases and want to run detailed reports. To handle these larger data sets additional random access memory is required.

Under Windows, the Java runtime system is typically allocated 64 MB of RAM. The instructions below will detail how to increase the memory allocation for Java.

Please Note: the screen captures we are using are based on Windows 7, but Windows Vista and Windows XP have similar functions.

For instructions on Mac OS X go to:

Out Of Memory Error Pop-Up


  1. To modify the Java memory allocation you'll first need to go to the Windows control panel.

  2. Go to the Windows control panel and open up the Java control panel. Then go to the Java tab pane (see below).

Java Control Panel, Java tab pane

  1. From the Java tab click the "view" button.

  2. Clicking the "view" Button will open another window listing the various Java runtime engine versions installed on your computer (see below).

Setting the Java Runtime Parameters

  1. The list is in table format and one of the columns should be labeled "Runtime Parameters". This is where we need to enter some special information for allocating additional memory.

  2. Put the following information "-Xmx500m -Xms500m" in the Runtime Parameters column. That will allocate up to 500 MB of memory for running Java, instead of the 64 MB Windows gives by default. If you wish to allocate more or less than 500 MB simply adjust the number.

Please note: the capitalization of the initial X in the parameters is important, everything else should be lowercase.

  1. Once you have put in the runtime parameters, save and close out of the Java and Windows control panels.

  2. Make sure P3Expeditor is turned off completely and then restart P3Expeditor.

  3. Go back to the point where you got the out of memory error and see if this fixes the problem. If not, call P3Software support for further assistance.

How do I Turn Off Job Auto-Numbering?

To turn off the automatic job numbering do the following:

  1. Turn off Use Automatic Job Numbering. You will only be able to do this if you are an Enterprise Administrator. Otherwise ask your administrator to do it for you.

    1. Go to the Global Menu
    2. Click on "Enterprise Settings"
    3. Go to the Jobs & Projects Tab
    4. Click "Adjust Automatic Numbering" in the New Job Default Settings box.
    5. Uncheck "Use Automatic Job Numbering"
    6. Click "Save Changes" on the Automatic Numbering Manager
    7. Click "Save & Close" to save your Enterprise Settings and close the Enterprise Settings Window.
    8. Restart P3Expeditor.

See Also: Automatic Numbering Manager

How do I move my p3Expeditor installation from one computer to another?

This is one of our most frequent customer support questions. The answer varies depending on a number of factors.

Online Version

If you're using the online version of P3Expeditor you do not need to do anything to switch between computers. Just go to the P3Expeditor login page at:

Installed Version

All customers using the installed version of P3Expeditor are encouraged to switch to the P3Expeditor NetPlus Online Version. It has many benefits which are explained on this webpage: Migration_To_NetPlus.

That said, switching computers with the installed version is not very hard either. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Moving your P3Expeditor files from one computer to the other or
  2. Reinstalling P3Expeditor on the new computer.

Moving the files is generally the preferred method as it ensures that your personal settings get transferred intact.

Moving your P3Expeditor files to a new computer

This approach is made easy because all the P3Expeditor files are stored in one folder on your computer.

Windows - In the various Windows operating systems the P3Expeditor files are generally stored under the My Documents folder, in a folder called "P3Expeditor". In very old installations of P3Expeditor, the P3Expeditor folder may be located under the "program files" folder. Hint: you can find the P3Expeditor folder location by looking at the properties for the P3Expeditor shortcut on your Windows desktop. There should even be a "find target" button that will take you right to it.


  1. Install the latest version of Java on your new computer from
  2. Copy the P3Expeditor folder and its contents to the new computer (make sure the files are not "read only" after copying them).
  3. Locate a file in there called "p3expeditor.jar". You can double click on that file to start P3Expeditor.
  4. Create a shortcut to the p3expeditor.jar file and move it to your desktop.
  5. For extra credit, change the shortcut icon to the p3expeditor icon located in the p3expeditor folder.

Mac OSX - In the Macintosh OSx operating system the P3Expeditor files are generally stored under the Applications folder, in a folder called "P3Expeditor OSX Folder". Hint: you can find the P3Expeditor folder location by highlighting the P3Expeditor desktop alias icon and selecting the "get info" command. The information panel should list the file location.


  1. Copy the P3Expeditor folder and its contents to the new computer (make sure the files are not "read only" after copying them).
  2. Locate a file in there called "p3expeditor.jar". You can double click on that file to start P3Expeditor.
  3. Create an Alias for the p3expeditor.jar file and move it to your desktop (DO NOT move the p3expeditor.jar file to your desktop).

Reinstalling P3Expeditor on a new computer


  1. Install the latest version of Java on your new computer from
  2. Get the latest P3Expeditor installer from the P3Software website
  3. Run the installer.
  4. Start P3Expeditor. When it starts, you should be presented with the "New User" window, which requests your basic information. At a minimum, you must enter your licensed e-mail address and password. If you do not know your password there is an "Email Password" button on the window that that you can use to email the password to you.
  5. After you have entered your information, check the "I agree to the terms and conditions" checkbox and click the continue button. The P3Expeditor system will then connect to the P3Software license server and retrieve your license information and other user information stored there.
  6. Once your P3Expeditor license is installed, Local Enterprise users may be prompted to configure P3Expeditor to connect to a "Data File Folder" on their local area network.

Can I install P3Expeditor without running the installer?

Yes, there is a way to install the P3Expeditor Application without using the installer, which may not work due to administrative blocks or incompatability.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Use this URL link to get the application file: "" (Save it to your desktop.)
  2. Create a folder under your Documents (Windows) or applications (Mac OSX) folder called "P3Expeditor", or something like that.
  3. Move the downloaded p3expeditor.jar file to that folder.
  4. Create a desktop Shortcut(Windows) or Alias (Mac OSX) to point to that file.
  5. Click the Shortcut/Alias or the file itself to start running P3Expeditor.
  6. P3Expeditor will start up in "new user" mode.
  • New Users: If you are a new user fill out the form and register the software.

  • Current Customers: If you have an existing license, you will need to put in your registered email address and current password to "re-register" the software.

  • NetPlus Customers: After it registers, all your information should flow in from our cloud server.

  • Local Data Customers: You will need to go into the MySettings window, Enterprise tab-pane to set the location of your data on your local area network.

Can P3Expeditor reports and emails be customized with my company Logo?

The quick answer is "YES". The system has several areas where communications generated by the system which can be customized with a buyer's company logo. These areas include:

Print Broker Information Privacy

This Question/Concern came from a Print Broker:

Since we own no capital equipment, our most valuable assets are our clients and our vendors. My concern is uploading our data into your system. How have you overcome this with other print brokers? Do you ever sell your software and allow us to run it on our own server?

  1. Your most valuable assets are NOT the customers and vendors, but the relationships you have established with your suppliers and customers. Those relationships are built on mutual trust and experience developed over years if not decades in business. Those are things which no technology can ever replace or take away.

  2. We treat our customers' business information as highly confidential. We have a published privacy policy on our website that articulates a clear policy on customer transaction information privacy. Violating our customer's privacy and trust would be very bad business for us.

  3. We are not print brokers, we are technology providers. We do not compete with our customers, we help our customers to beat their competition.

  4. We have many broker customers who have come to trust P3Software as a valuable business partner. We hope you become one.

  5. Normally the data you enter is actually stored on your computer(s). P3Software's server only forwards communications from software that runs on your local system. We do now offer P3Net Plus to those customers that want the added data security of storing data in the first class data center that we use.

  6. The information we handle is probably information you already send by email, which is readable by anyone who wants to try to intercept it. Using the P3 system represents the same security risk as sending information by email. No more no less.

  7. You are far more vulnerable to theft of your customer and supplier information by your employees that interact with them than us. Having your data in one secure database if far more secure than having it in a rolodex file that can walk out the door never to be seen again.

I'm having vendors question me about the security of submitting quotes through P3. Do you have a "packaged" statement that I can refer them to to ease their minds?

That's a great question.

Here is a link to our transaction data privacy policy:

Like Swiss bankers, we take our security very seriously. We have a strong interest in maintaining the trustworthiness and neutrality of our systems and the confidentiality of our customers' data. Without that, we would be out of business.

Internet e-commerce is simply another form of electronic communication, like the fax and phone and telegraph. E-commerce systems are used in many industries all over the world. Our customers receive tens of thousands of bids from printers through the P3 system every month from thousands of print suppliers. E-commerce is an accepted and growing way of doing business because it is fast, efficient, reliable and probably more secure than other forms of communication.

One way the P3 system adds security is that all responses recorded for a supplier are confirmed back to that supplier. So they know exactly what data was received and can double check it. Fax machines cannot do this and faxes are often lost and garbled in transmission with no feedback to the sender. P3 also eliminates errors and miscommunications by eliminating re-keying of data and ensuring all data is written down.

Most suppliers like this system. Partly because it is quick and efficient. And partly because they know that it puts them on a level playing field with their competition where they are quoting on the same specifications and will be judged on their merits.

There are also some suppliers who may mistakenly think that the P3 system has them competing with hundreds of unqualified suppliers from all over the world. These fears can easily be eliminated by reassuring those suppliers that only YOU control who quotes on YOUR jobs not some mindless computer. The reality is that our customers receive on average 2.75 quotes per job, from suppliers they trust and respect.

Lastly, some printers may suggest that you are judging them on price alone. You might want to assure them that your decision is also based on how flexible, innovative and easy they are to do business with, and on how willing they are to conform with your desired way of conducting business.

Can I track all my purchases, not just printing?

YES, with Flexi-Spec you can get quotes on any type of product or service you desire. For custom job work like: design, mailing, photography and large format printing, P3Expeditor is an excellent tool for collecting job information and prices and managing your production schedule.

See also: Flexi-Specs

What if I don't like the way you write specs?

You can write them the way you like with Flexi-Spec. We created Flexi-Spec for several purposes.

It allows users to:

  • Create job specs any way they want to.
  • Copy specs from other applications into P3Expeditor.
  • Write a short quick simple spec rather than filling in all the forms.
  • Purchase things you buy other than commercial printing (e.g. large format printing, promotional items, copy shop services, mailing services, design, photography and anything else you can think of).

See also: Flexi-Specs

How do I ask for different versions of a quote?

Easy, use the Copy Job function (under the Jobs menu from the Job List tab on the Home Page) to create and modify versions of a job. This keeps each version separate and ensures consistent well-organized supplier responses. Suppliers have to quote each version exactly and will appreciate a precise definition of each version. Of course highlighting the differences in each version in the general comments area will help too.

Special Note: If you use P3Expeditor's automatic job numbering system, the Copy Job window will allow you to turn the auto numbering off for the copy and allow you to number the job manually. This allows you to keep the same basic job number on the copy of the job and add a suffix to the number to indicate the alternate version.

See Also: Copying Jobs

Do my suppliers have to use your website to submit prices?

NO, but it is faster for everyone if they do. Suppliers can email, fax or deliver the prices back to you by pony express. When you get the prices, you can then manually enter them on the job. If they post the prices on our site, you simply download the prices with a couple of clicks. Now what do you think your client focused suppliers will do?

My supplier submitted his prices, I got the email, but the prices do not show up?

After the supplier posts their prices on our web server, you get an email containing their prices, comments and any file attachments with further details.

To get the prices into your local P3Expeditor database you have two options:

  1. Use the online update function on the Compare Bids window, which will get the information automatically from the web server.
  2. Enter the prices manually (always an alternative, giving you flexibility and independence).

See also:

Will P3Expeditor interface with my accounting system?

Yes, but at a price. P3Expeditor is an affordable productivity tool for print buyers. It is inexpensive and built to stay that way. Integration with any of the myriad accounting systems out there is a complex (read expensive) undertaking. Each organization must decide the value of system integration. If appropriate, we'd be happy to review your specific needs and develop an integration proposal, contact P3Software sales for more information.

What do printers think about this system?

They love it after they see the benefits it gives them. At first, many suppliers are concerned and anxious. But when they realize that P3 only speeds up the process and does not cut them out, they appreciate the efficiency and consistency P3 adds to the process. That leaves them more time to give you their expertise or sell more printing to other clients.

What should I say to my suppliers about this new system?

Tell them you still love them. Seriously, reassure them that you will continue to do business with them as you have in the past. They are still allowed to call on you and add the technical input you value so much.

Explain that P3Expeditor is an organizational tool that will save you and them time and money by organizing and tracking the hundreds of job details you must stay on top of every day. This will benefit you and them by reducing miscommunications and saving everyone time.

We have a few new processes in place, and we would like to add some default text to the bottom of our request for estimate as well as our PO - how do we go about doing that?

The "default email messages" are stored under Global / My Settings / User Messages. You can edit the messages from there.

Please Note: the "default email messages" are specific to each user. So each person will need to edit their own messages. So, the best way to standardize is sending an email with the desired text blocks to each person and have them install them.

The relevant help page is: User Messages

We have a staff member that left the Organization. What’s the best way to handle their account? Should it be deleted? What happens when we get a replacement? Let me know so that we can follow the correct protocol.

It depends. Generally, we recommend leaving the account in place until the new person is ready to take over.


  1. How soon will the replacement be taking over?
  2. Will the replacement be using the same computer?
  3. Has IT deleted the P3Expeditor files off the new user's computer?


  1. Install software on new computer (if necessary).
  • Install P3Expeditor and make sure JAVA is up to date (use P3Software free trial installer).
  • When new person first logs on, they should enter the old person's email and password.
  • The password can be obtained from P3Software support, if not known.
  1. Change the email address on the license (should be done by new user).
  • This is done by the new user under the Global/MySettings Dialog, UserInfo tab.
  • This will update P3Software with the information.
  • This will also update the email address on the Enterprise User List.
  • Jobs owned by the old user may be transfered to the new user at this time or later.
  1. The Enterprise Administrator will need to update the user's name on the Enterprise User List.
  • This is done under Global / My Settings / Enterprise tab.

Do you have a web app that doesn’t need me to connect to my corporate network?

There definitely is a web-application that you do not need the VPN for. That is a great advantage of cloud based systems like P3Source.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to:

  2. Enter your email address and click on the login button.

  3. The next page will automatically download a P3Source Launcher file called (p3expeditor.jnlp).

  4. Locate that file in your downloads directory and copy it to your desktop.

  5. Double-click the P3Source Launcher file, and the application should start (may need to download stuff as it goes).

Common Potential Problems:

  • You need to have Java installed on your computer (Go to to get a free copy.)

  • If you have Java but clicking the file does not launch Java and the application, the association between the .jnlp extension and Java could be broken. That is easy to fix. But the fix is somewhat difficult to describe. So contact us by phone or email if the .jnlp file is not launching with Java.