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How to Change Your Email Address


Your email address is perhaps the most important piece of personal information you enter into the P3Expeditor system. It tells P3Expeditor where to send messages and is the key P3Software uses to license P3Expeditor. Since email addresses change and sometimes the person using P3Expeditor changes, we have made provisions for changing email addresses in the P3Expeditor system.

Changing your registered email address for P3Expeditor is very easy, just follow these instructions:

  1. Select the Global / My Settings menu item from the main P3Expeditor window.
  2. In the My Settings window / User Info Tab click the "Edit Email Address" button. This button is next to the Email address field in the upper left side of the User Info tab panel.
  3. Click the OK button when you are done editing. This will launch a window for synchronizing your new email address with the P3Software licensing server.
  4. Click the Close button on the synchronizer, and your new email address will be saved. If you do not choose to synchronize or if synchronization fails, the new email address will not be saved.
  5. After synchronizing the email address, you will be asked if you want to transfer ownership of your jobs to the new email address. Click Yes if you would like ownership of all your jobs transfered to the new email address.

How to Change Computers

We frequently get questions from P3Expeditor users who are changing computers and want to transfer P3Expeditor to their new computer. Here are some tips and suggestions:

Best Method: Copy Files

All your P3Expeditor program files and personal data are stored in a single folder on your computer. The simplest/best way to move P3Expeditor to a new computer is to copy all the files in that folder to a similar folder on your new computer. The default P3Expeditor installation locations are:

  • MAC OSX: /applications/p3expeditor for osx/
  • Windows: C:/program files/p3software/p3expeditor/
Notes on Copying Files:
  • If you copy the files via CD-ROM, the copied files will be set to "read only" when you copy them off the CD-ROM. So you'll need to change the file and folder properties back to be read, write and delete enabled.
  • The P3Expeditor icon that appears on your desktop is a "shortcut" (Windows) or "Alias" (Mac OSX). After transferring the program files you can either try copying the desktop icon or you can create a new one. (N.B. Do not copy the P3Expeditor.jar file to your desktop, it needs the other files in the installation folder to work properly.)
  • Your "new" computer should come with Java pre-installed on it. But in some cases java may not be installed or work properly. If P3Expeditor does not start up properly or you get a "file association" error, you may need to update your java installation. For the latest java version go to or to get the most up-to-date version of java for your computer.

Second Best Method: Fresh Installation

If you have lost access to your old P3Expeditor data or do not wish to retain the old user settings and other data, starting with a fresh P3Expeditor installation is a good choice. P3Software stores your license information on the P3 Software server, so even with a new installation it is easy to pick up your existing P3Expeditor license.


  1. Go to and use the "Free Trial" sign up page to download the latest version of P3Expeditor (you can also get P3Expeditor from the "Support" home page "Get the latest version of P3Expeditor" link.)
  2. Install and start up P3Expeditor.
  3. After you start up and accept the license agreement, you will be prompted for your email address and password. Enter the email address you used for your old installation. Enter your password if you know it, otherwise just enter any 6 characters you like and we'll fix the password later.
  4. Next you'll be prompted to run the registration function. This will pick up your existing license if you provided the correct password and email address. If it returns the "Registration Data Updated" message, you are all set. Otherwise you'll need to fix your password.

Fixing an Incorrect Password:

  1. Open the "Online Update" menu from the main P3Expeditor window. Then click the "email password" button. This will email your correct password to your email account.
  2. Once you have the correct password, open the "My Settings" window and under the License Menu click on "Change my Password"
  3. The password-editing field will then appear. Enter the new password and click on "Change Password"
  4. Then run the "Update License" function. The button is located in the lower right corner of the same "My Settings/User Info" panel. If the password was correct, the response message should read "Registration Data Updated".
  5. Then click "OK" to close the "My Settings" window and save the changes.

How to Update Your P3Expeditor Software Application

This only applies to legacy customers who are still using a local database system. The default is that customers are automically using the NetPlus Cloud Server system, which automatically updates the software.

P3Expeditor has a built in mechanism for updating the system when new versions become available.

You can update the software at anytime you like following these simple instructions:

  1. Go to the main application window and select the Global menu / "Update Application" menu item. This will launch the Update Your Copy of P3Expeditor window.
  2. Click the "Update Now" button to continue the process.
  3. If a dialog pops up indicating no new version is available for general release, there may still be a new early-release version available. These early-release versions are often in place before we announce new versions publicly. Selecting the "Update Anyway" button will install whatever our latest version is.
  4. Once started, the application updater will download the new version and associated files, which you can monitor during the download process. After that, P3Expeditor will turn itself off, install the files it downloaded and Present a "Finish Update" button.
  5. When you click the "Finish Update" button, the new version of P3Expeditor will start up.

After starting up, you may notice the release code in the lower right corner of the main application window may have changed.

RELEASE NOTES - are always availble at

How to Update Your P3Expeditor License


P3Expeditor licenses are issued from the P3Software license server. The P3Expeditor software has a built in function that connects to the P3Software license server and downloads the license information.

This license updating function can be run manually from the P3Expeditor Global Menu and selecting "Update License."

The same function can be run from the P3Expeditor "My Settings" Window, "License" Menu and selecting "Update My License."

P3Expeditor also attempts to update the license by itself from time to time when running. So your license may get installed automatically.

Email Address and Password

Each P3Expeditor license is issued to a specific email address and has an associated password. Your P3Expeditor license password combined with your email address are used to authenticate communications between P3Expeditor and the P3Software Server.

Once licensed your email address can be changed through the "My Settings" dialog. After the email text field is modified a synchronization function will be triggered that updates the license record on the P3Software license server.

Your password rarely changes and you'll only need to remember it if you switch computers. When that time comes, if you forgot your password, it can be obtained by using the "email password" function in the My Settings Window. You can select "Email Password to Me" in the User Info Tab or under hte License Menu. This will send your password by email to your email address.