What is "Safe Mode"?

Safe mode is a feature of the P3Expeditor multi-user Enterprise system. Safe mode is turned on when P3Expeditor detects a situation where the data integrity of your files could otherwise be compromised. Basically it allows you to fix problems without damaging your data files.

There are many situations where safe mode is used to prevent data loss while corrective action is taken. These include:

  1. An improper shutdown of the system (usually a system crash). Requires an administrator to unlock your account under the Current Locks panel on the Global menu / My Settings menu item / Enterprise tab.
  2. Another person using the system using the same email address as you. Requires that they shut down before you start up.
  3. A change in the location of your shared data folder. Requires a restart of P3Expeditor after that change.
  4. The presence of an overall application lock, while maintenance is performed on the system. Requires that you wait until the lock is removed.
  5. The inability to create a lock on your account when starting P3Expeditor. This is usually due to not having file "write" privliges in the shared data folder or simply not having any access to the shared folder.

See also: Safe Mode Errors

Invalid Account or Password

If you are reading this, you probably received the "Invalid Account/Password" message while trying to run one of the P3Expeditor communications features.

First, relax; this is an easy problem to solve.

The Cause

The cause of this problem is that your P3Expeditor communications password does not match the one we have on record at P3Software for your email address. Why this rare circumstance occurs is usually complex and unique to each situation. Fortunately, we do not need to know this to fix the problem.

The Solution

The solution is to get the correct password from the P3Software license server, and then enter the correct password in your My Settings information. To obtain the correct password, use the License / Email My Password function. This will tell the P3Software license server to send you your password by email. Once you have the password, open My Settings, click the edit button next to the "password" label and enter the correct password. To be sure you have entered the correct password, run the "Update License" function.

And, of course, if you have further trouble with this, contact P3Software support by phone and we would be glad to help you out.

Common Installation Problems Windows

Installer Corrupted During Download

This is not very common, but easy to detect. If you get the message "windows CE signature not found" or something like that, it is very likely that the installer file was either corrupted or truncated during the file download process.

Remedy: Download the installer again, BUT before you do that clear out your browser's temporary internet file cache. Otherwise it will simply grab the defective file from the temporary file cache, instead of re-downloading the file.

Administrative Access Required to Install Software

This is one of the more common problems, typically at larger organizations. When you try to run the installer a system prompt appears saying that you need to have administrative access to run the installer, usually with user ID and password input fields. This is a restriction placed on your computer by your IT department.

Remedy: There are two options here. One, contact your IT department for support in setting up the software. If your IT department has questions there is a "technology overview" document on our support web page. We are also always happy to answer questions by phone.

If your IT administrator does install P3Expeditor, make sure they grant you full rights to read and write files in the folder where P3Expeditor is installed. Otherwise you will get errors when you start up P3Expeditor.

The second option is to contact P3Software support to get a version of P3Expeditor that does not require running an installer. (This typically involves a short telephone call.) To operate, P3Expeditor does not require any modifications to your registry or browser settings. We use an installer simply as a matter of convenience.

After installation, P3Expeditor will not start

This is usually due to a problem with the Java installation on your computer. Very often you will get an error message indicating that Windows does not know what application to use to run p3expeditor.jar.

Remedy: If you did not run the Java installer that came with the P3Expeditor installation package, run the P3Expeditor installer again and click the "install Java" option. That usually takes care of the problem. As an alternative you can also get the latest Java update for your computer at (It is available for free.)

Windows Vista Installation

There are a couple of special steps that need to be taken when installing P3Expeditor under Windows Vista.

  1. When you run the P3Expeditor installer you will need to select the "Custom" installation option rather than the standard "Install" option.
  2. On the "Custom Setup" panel, you will need to redirect the installation folder for P3Expeditor to go in your "Documents" folder. Click the "Browse" button in the lower right corner of the panel and navigate to the "documents" folder.
  3. Other than that everything should work well.

OSX Installation Troubleshooting

These are some of the very few OSX issues we have encountered when running P3Expeditor:

  1. P3Expeditor will not start, crashes after initializing splash or has other mystery crashes.
  • If you are using OS 10.3.9, there is a Java patch available at:
  • Under other OSX versions, Extensis suitcase may have the Java default Fonts turned off. Try turning Extensis suitcase off to see if that is the cause.
  • Under other OSX versions, the Java default Fonts may be turned off using the Font Book. Try turning back on courier, arial, times, and other fonts.
  1. Can't extract .hqx file.
  • You'll need to install a copy of Aladin Stuffit expander.
  1. Clicking on Table rows causes irratic or unexpected behavior or opens the wrong record.
  • An application called Magic Menus can cause table selection listeners to work improperly. Try turning off Magic Menus.

Windows Vista Fixing Bad Installation

Some special steps need to be taken when installing P3Expeditor on computers using the Windows Vista operating system. Under Windows Vista, application files are stored separately from their related data files. This causes problems for P3Expeditor, which requires that data files be stored in the same folder as the application.

To get around this problem, you will need to move P3Expeditor to a location where the data is not stored separately. We recommend that users create a folder in their documents folder to hold the P3Expeditor application and its related data files.

If you have already installed P3Expeditor in the default "program files" folder under Windows Vista, there are a couple of steps you'll need to take to fix the situation:

  1. Set up a folder under my documents for the P3Expeditor application and data files.
  2. Move the P3Expeditor application from the program files folder to your new folder.
  3. Find and move your data files from the Windows data directory to your new P3Expeditor folder. Finding the data is not so easy. It is typically stored in a hidden folder under the "all users" data. Searching all files (hidden or not) for the file "userinfo.p3x" is the easiest way to locate the data files.
  4. Setup a new shortcut on your desktop or P3Expeditor.