International Unit Settings


The P3Source system is initially configured for doing business in North America using currency, date formats and units of measurement commonly used in the United States. Since many P3Source users do business in other parts of the world, provisions are included in the My Settings area of P3Source to enable use of other currency, date formats and units of measurement. The settings for these features are on the User Settings tab within the Global menu / My Settings menu item.

Date Formats

Date formats can be set to either the MM-DD-YY format common in North America or the more logical DD-MM-YY format used in other parts of the world. When changed this setting immediatly affects the representation of all dates within the P3Source system.


Currency units also vary from country to country. There are two settings to adjust, the currency symbol and the text description for the currency. The text description appears on the supplier response page. The currency symbol appears anywhere currency numbers are displayed.

Please Note: Each job in the P3Source system keeps the currency setting that was in use when the job was created. This prevents prices supplied in one currency from being misrepresented when the default currency is changed.


The P3Source system supports three settings for length measurements: Inches, Centimeters or Millimeters. Like currency the unit of length is a property of each job, so that specifications made in inches do not convert to millimeters when the default length measurement is changed.

There are also two systems for paper weights, the "metric" system GSM or grams per square meter, and the antiquated North American "basis weight" system. Like currency the unit of paper weight is a property of each job, so that specifications made as basis weight do not convert to GSM when the default measurement type is changed.

How to change unit settings

See User Settings Tab for more information on how to make changes to User Settings.