The P3 System

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Logging on to the P3 system

First Time Here? Logging onto the P3 System.

Main Application Window

This will give you a good overview of the main application window.

Job List

Manage jobs via the job list.

Job Calendar

An overview of the job calendar.

My Settings Window

Configure application settings.

Supplier List

Manage suppliers.

Customer Manager Window

Customer Management.

Item Manager Window

Manage system items.

Enterprise Settings

Manage system items.

Change Password

How to change your password.

File Bank

File Bank information

Managing Jobs and Orders

Jobs and orders.

Job Master Window

How to manage jobs in the job master window.

Tracking On Time Performance

Tracking the Perfomance of Jobs

Entering Job Specifications

Adding specifications to job records.

Specs: Flexi Specs

Flexi specifications

Specs: Detailed Job Specs

Detailed Job specifications

Specs: Multi-item Specs

Multi-Item Specifications

Notes and History Tab

Adding notes and recording job history.

Cost Data Tab

Edit the cost data.

Bid Comparison Window

Compare multiple bids.

Job Order Window

How to order a job.

Job Master Menu

How to order a job.

Supplier Portal

Manage Suppliers

Job Workflow

An overview of the job lifecycle.

Selecting Job Bidders

How to select bidders for a Job

Send RFQs

Overview of the sending RFQ process

Supplier Response Page

Overview of the Supplier Response Page

Update Prices

How to Update Prices when Ordering a Job

Enter Bid Data

Overview of Entering Bid Data

Compare Quotes and Award Jobs

Compare Quotes and Award a Job

Order Job

The Order Job Process

Complete or Cancel Job

Completing or Cancelling a Job

Managing Project, Proposals and Invoices

How to send proposals and invoices and manage customer information.

Project Workflow

Managing the project cycle.

Project Proposal Builder

Managing the project cycle.

Project Invoice Builder

How to build invoices.

Project Job List

An overview of the project job list.

Project Summary Reports

Generate summary reports for a project.

Quickbooks Invoice Integration

Send invoices to Quickbooks via P3's integration.

Order Builder

Create orders with the order builder.

Rate Cards

An overview of RateCards.

Reporting System

How to generate and manage reports.

System Management and Administration

Instructions for system administration.

Release Notes

View the P3Source and P3Connect release notes.

P3Source Current

Release Notes 2021 to Present

P3Source Older

Release Notes 2019 and older

P3Connect Current

Release Notes 2020 to Present

P3Connect Older

Release Notes 2019 and older.


Miscellaneous resources.

Technology Overview & Requirements

Technical overview and requirements for P3Source.

Java Information

Java Information.

International Settings

Dates, Currency and Measurements settings.

Performance Tracking

Supplier performance tracking and reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions & Support Articles

Articles, FAQs and Tips.

QuickBooks Integration

Managing the project cycle.

Data Security and Disaster Recovery

P3's Security, Disaster Recovery and HA policies.

Whitelist Information

How to Whitelist the P3 SMTP and IPs.