Java Information



As you may know P3Source uses the Java Runtime Environment to run. This allows a single code set to run on many different Operating system environments. In the case of P3Source it provides a consistent platform for Customers using either the Microsoft Windows or the Apple Mac OS operating system. P3Source uses requires the use of Java version 8 as a minimum. Later versions of Java are also compatible with P3Source.

Java Web Start

P3Source also uses the Java Web Start system to deploy and maintain the P3Source application. This system provides a high level of code security and seamless deployment of the P3Source application and updates to the system. Each time P3Source is started Java Web Start checks the P3Software repositories for updates and deploys them automatically. The Java Web Start application is bundled and delivered as part of the Java installation package.

Java Updates

Occasionally, the Java package is updated. P3Source users may be prompted to update their version of Java. These updates are not necessary to continue using P3Source. But, they may contain fixes and features that improve the reliability and security of Java. So, we recommend you stay up to date with the latest Java updates.

Is Java still free? Where do I get Java?

Yes. There is a free open source Java Web Start distribution called Open Web Start. It is available at Based on our experience we now recommend the Open Web Start Java distribution as it is more up to date and faster than the competition. Java can also be obtained for free from Oracle Corp. at

Oracle Java 8 End of Life (2030)

Oracle announced in 2018 that is discontinuing free "commercial" support for Java 8 and future versions of Java. Previously, Java and the Java Runtime Engine had been available for free from Sun Microsystems and later Oracle. This change has caused great consternation and confusion in the Java community.

Oracle Corporation, which owns Java, has announced that it will continue to support Java 8 and Java Web Start until 2030. Oracle also continues to develop and refine the Java Runtime Engine system with regular new versions and updates.

Oracle Clarification

Oracle plans to continue to support "Oracle" Java on a paid basis for "commercial" uses. Oracle Java 8 will continue to be available from Oracle, for free, for "personal" use. Oracle has also committed to providing free open source versions of Java through the OpenJDK organization and other open source channels. These open source versions can run P3Source and can be used on a "commercial" basis. They are just not packaged, branded, distributed and supported by Oracle. Essentially Oracle wants to make Java freely available, but only provide support to paying customers.

Java Licensing for P3Source

The changes from Oracle leaves P3Source users with several choices:

  1. Continue to use the Oracle Java 8 package on a "personal" use basis.

  2. Obtain a "commercial" use subscription for Java 8 from Oracle. The cost is $30 per year per named user.,RP,2:PROD_HIER_ID:123775488249871532594385

  3. Replace Oracle Java 8 with Open Web Start or another open source Java Web Start distribution.

P3Software recommends option 3.