Whitelist Information


One of the primary functions of the P3 system is to send emails to suppliers and customers. These emails are generated by the system and sent out through an email server hosted by P3Software.

Occasionally, these emails will be picked up by the suppliers' spam filtering systems. There are many reasons why this can happen and many different spam filtering systems. However, most spam filtering systems have what is referred to as a "white list" of automatically accepted email sources (as opposed to a "black list" of automatically rejected sources).

P3Software Email Server Information

The server name and IP address below can be used by an email system administrator to "white list" messages from the P3Software email server.

Please Note: the server name is not likely to change, but the IP address can change. So, it is preferable to use the server hostname when "white listing" our server.

VALID 2015-01-09
Server Name: host.p3software.com
From Email: mail_server@p3expeditor.com
NO LONGER VALID 2015-01-09
Server Name: host.p3expeditor.com
IP Address:

P3Software DNS Information

Current P3 DNS IP Addresses
p3software.com Load-Balancer:
p3software.com:                67.207.152. 43
host.p3software.com:           67.207.152. 43

p3expeditor.com:              162.209. 84. 68
host.p3expeditor.com:         162.209. 84. 68

rs2.p3software.info:           50. 56. 75. 19    (CAP)
au.p3software.mobi            202.  4.237.150    (CAP & AU NetPlus Services)
Old DNS Addresses was p3expeditor.com was p3software.com was host.p3expeditor.com