Job Master Menus


The Job Master window has a menu bar with additional functions for managing your job work flow.

Job menu from the Job Master window

Job Menu

  • "Change Owner"
  • Change the user account associated with the selected job. See also: Job Ownership.
  • "Change Currency"
  • Change which currency the selected job is working in. Note: the currency cannot be changed if the RFQ is already sent and locked. To change the currency anyway, unlock the RFQ panel and resend the information after changing the currency.
  • "Change Units of Measure"
  • Change the units of measure the selected job is currently working in.
  • "Cancel Job"
    • Cancel the job.
  • "Cancel Editing & Close"
  • Discard any edits made and close the Job Master Window.
  • "Save and Close"
  • Save any edits made and close the Job Master Window.

Actions Menu

Actions menu from the Job Master window

  • "Select Suppliers"
  • Select the suppliers from your Supplier List that you wish to send the RFQ to.
  • "Run Spec Check"
  • Runs an automated check of the specifications you are sending in the RFQ.
  • "Manage Versions"
    • Manage the different versions of this Quote Request/Price Point you have created.
  • "Manage Cost Breakouts"
    • Manage the cost breakouts you have already added, such as editing or deleting.
  • "Add a Quantity"
    • Add another quantity to the RFQ.
  • "Add a Version"
    • Create another version of the Quote Request/Price Point.
  • "Add a Cost Breakout"
    • Create a cost breakout for the costs of individual parts or components.
  • "Send RFQ"
  • Sends the RFQ email to all or a selected number of the suppliers attached to the job.
  • "Unlock RFQ & Reset All Bids"
    • Selecting Unlock RFQ will allow you to unlock and edit the RFQ after you have sent it out and locked it.
    • Note: Selecting this option will invalidate all bids sent in so far and will require you to resend the RFQ!

Prices Menu

Prices menu from the Job Master window

  • "View Compare Prices"
  • Brings up the compare prices window.
  • "Update Prices"
    • Updates the prices for this job.
  • "Send Reminder"
    • Sends a reminder email to all of the suppliers that have been sent the RFQ.
  • "Get RateCard Prices
    • Loads the RateCard Prices for the job.

Order Menu

Order menu from the Job Master window

  • "Award Job"
    • Allows you to award the job to one of your suppliers.
  • "Manage Order"
  • "Print/Email Order"
    • Allows you to print or email the order.
  • "View Order Response"
    • View the response to your order.
  • "View Shipments"
    • Allows you to view the shipments that have been made.

Project/Proposal Menu

Proposal menu from the Job Master window

See also: Managing Project Proposals & Invoices.

Print Menu

Print menu from the Job Master window

  • "Job Details/Bid Report"
    • Opens a dialog to print the job details and bid report to an HTML web page, .xls Excel spreadsheet file, a .doc Word document, or an email.
  • "Bid Comparison Report"
    • Opens a dialog to print the bid comparison report to an HTML web page, .xls Excel spreadsheet file, or a .doc Word document, or an email.
  • "Request For Quote"
    • Opens a dialog to print the RFQ as it would appear to a selected supplier.
  • "Work Order"
    • Opens a dialog to print the work order.
  • "Purchase Order"
    • Opens a dialog to print the purchase order.
  • "Cost Report"
    • Opens a dialog to print the cost report.
  • "Shipping Report"
    • Opens a dialog to print the shipping report.
  • "Job Ticket"
    • Opens a dialog to print the job ticket.

Help Menu

Help menu from the Job Master window

Print Job Report

Print menu from the Job Master window

Print Job Reports

The Print menu provides access to all the reports related specifically to a job. Some of these reports may be available in other places. But, all reports relating to a job are available here. Clicking the Print menu accesses different reports which may be printed or emailed. The reports accessed from this menu include:

Job Bidding Report Configuration

  • "Job Details/Bid Report" - Shows you the bid responses from the suppliers in report form. This report lists the bidders for the job, their prices, comments etc. The Job Bidding Report has a configuration window with numerous options:

  • Report File Type - the report can be Printed via the browser, Emailed or displayed as a Spreadsheet.

  • Base Font Size - a larger or smaller font size may be specified.

  • Supplier - Options include showing a specific supplier, "Show All Suppliers" and "Do Not Show Bids".

  • Supplier Info - supplier information in the report can be displayed in full, abbreviated or completely obscured.

  • Cost Display Options - as well as display of prices as cost per unit or cost per thousand.

  • Extras - the report may include Supplier Comments and/or Supplier Response Details as well as Notes & History, Order Info, Cost Info, Performance Info, Bid Statistics, and/or Specs. It can also Exclude Late Bids and/or Empty Responses.

  • "Request for Quote" - This report can be printed or emailed in two different configurations:

  1. "Print with No Supplier Info" - This report creates an RFQ report in which the recipient information is blank.
  2. RFQ for One Supplier - This option allows you to print or email a report for a single supplier. This is convenient in cases where a supplier is added to a job after the main batch of RFQs have been sent to other suppliers.
  • "Work Order" - This report uses the job specifications and the final job quantity, price and purchase order number you entered on the Job Order window. This report can be printed or emailed to the selected supplier for the job.

  • "Purchase Order" - this report contains the Purchase Order Number, Job Specifications and final order Quantity and Price, etc. It contains basically the same information as the Work Order except the format is set to look more like a formal purchase order. The Purchase Order report has options for emailing or printing via a web browser. It also has an option for including a set of Terms and Conditions. (The Terms and Conditions can be stored and modified via My Settings message editor.) The Purchase Order Options also includes a Tax Rate in case the purchase is taxable in your jurisdiction.

  • "Cost Report" - The Job Cost Report contains information entered in the Job Cost tab panel on the Job Masters screen.

Job Ticket Options Selector

  • "Job Ticket" - the Job Ticket Report is intended to be an internal document containing most vital information about your job. It contains the top level information about the job, specifications, purchase order information and selling information. A Job Ticket Options Selector window allows the user to view and enter certain extra bits of information (e.g. unit of measure).

Job Ownership

Purpose & Function

When operating the P3 system in Enterprise mode every print job record is assigned an owner. This concept of ownership is very important. It affects several areas of the the system:

  • Job List - When first opened the Job List displays only the jobs owned by the user, as these are the jobs that the user is most likely to be concerned with.
  • Reporting - Report results may be filtered for a specific owner or grouped by owner.
  • Editing Job Data - Only the job owner or users with special rights may modify job data through the Job Master window. Other users may view the job data but not modify it.
  • Sending Email Messages - Only the job owner may send email messages related to the job. This is an important restriction to prevent confusion concerning the origin of email messages.

New Owner Selector window from the Job Master window / Job menu / "Change Owner" menu item

Transferring Job Ownership

Job ownership can be reassigned or transferred from one user to another. The owner of a job or a person with access to all jobs can re-assign ownership to another Enterprise user. This is done on the Job Master window through the Job menu / "Change Owner" menu item. This function triggers a pop-up window for selecting the new owner from the list of users on the Enterprise User List. The pop-up window also displays the current owner of the job.

After the new owner is selected, the ownership transfer is made. At that time, the job ownership transfer is logged in the Job History record. And, the user is also prompted to send an email to the recipient of the transfer.

Bulk Ownership Transfers

There is also a tool for Enterprise Administrators for transferring all jobs from one user to another. This function can be found on the Enterprise Settings window / Utilities menu / "Reassign Job Owners" menu item.