June 2020

Enterprise Admin Section

  • CC User Invitations to the Project Requestor if they are not the site Administrator.
  • Made menu item "Email Production manager" available to enterprise users.
  • New feature in enterprise configuration settings allow an admin to selectively enable:
    • Project owner selection,
    • Sales Rep selection,
    • Customer Service Rep selection.
  • Enabling a selector will place it in all form headers.

Project Owner selection support:

  • New Project Owner selector automatically placed in the form header when enabled.

Sales Reps selection support:

  • New Sales Rep selector automatically placed in the form header when enabled.
  • New Sales Rep selector defaults to user if they are a Sales Rep.
  • The Sales Rep title is customizable and will be reflected where ever this role is used. Notably in the help text and form labels.
  • Fix bug that caused Sales Rep field to be empty under certain select edge cases.

Customer Service selection support:

  • New Customer Service Manager selector automatically placed in the form header when enabled.
  • New Customer Service Manager selector defaults to user if they are a CSR.
  • CSR selector in header is a customizable option in the enterprise configuration options.


  • New Project Forms no longer show inactive forms.
  • Copy Project Forms handle file attachments properly.
  • HTTP 404 error when clicking on “profile” breadcrumb is fixed to show user profile.

March 2020

New Project Form List:

  • Modified processing of Forms to improve loading speed.

Super User Admin:

  • Added option to suppress Login and Registration links.
    • Implemented on unauthenticated pages including Proposal Ordering page.

Enterprise Admin: Users List: Search Bar:

  • Added “Customer Service“ option to search by Role list.
  • Fixed Pagination Problem: New Users List pages retain search and sort selections.

Specification Forms:

  • Date/Time controls now default to 12 Noon (instead of midnight).

Added Owner Selector control:

  • Shows in Form Header section of forms.
  • Works on Specification Drafts, New Specifications and Form Header Editor.
  • Added on/off option to Configure Site / General Settings / Configuration panel.

Changed Sales Rep Selector control:

  • Shows only when Sales Rep workflow is on.
  • Shows in Form Header instead of its own section.
  • Works on:
    • Specification Drafts,
    • New Specifications,
    • Form Header Editor.
  • Labels use P3Source Enterprise Sales Rep label setting.
  • Sales Rep list shows only P3Connect Sales Reps assigned to the site/sub-site.

Modified Buttons and Labeling:

  • Shows buttons at both top and bottom of forms.
  • Edit mode:
    • Relabeled “Save“ => “Save As Draft“.
  • Review Mode:
    • Relabeled “Submit“ => “Submit for Quote“.
    • Added “Project List“ button.
    • Blue Info Box: Corrected to show P3Source Sales Rep label and Sales Rep for Project.

Submit to P3Source:

  • Fixed Job Status problem: Now sets status to “Planning”, not “Bids Requested”.
  • Fixed Job Numbering problem: No longer reverts settings to 10 character zero-filled.

Project List:

  • Fixed Pagination Problem: New Project List pages retain search and sort selections.

January 2020

Sales Response:

  • Modified to display custom list of Cancellation Reasons when present in Enterprise settings.