July 2021

NEW Feature: Search Archive & Copy Function

Jobs Dropdown Menu, how to access this new feature

  • Works for both Jobs & Projects.
  • The search window shows listings for all Jobs or Projects in the system. Search Window dialog box
  • Opens the standard Copy dialog for whatever entity is selected. Copy dialog box
  • Also uses the common search window with FileBank "Copy files from..." function.

General Fixes and Incremental Improvements

  • Fixed a bug on the Browser Window where "Loading..." showed after the target page had loaded.
  • Default search parameters for Job Orders List has been set to "Awarded to Complete".
  • FileBank Downloads has improved handling of file-in-use condition.
  • List Panel Reports to CSV & Excel files have improved handing of file-in-use conditon.
  • Initial font size for List Panels has been set to 12pt.
  • Improved handling of the Browser Closed conditon of the Browser Panel.
  • Price recalculation has been fixed to run after editing Proposal items in Project Proposals.
  • User options have been added to the Job Order Window to always use one rate method rather than the adaptive method.

June 2021

Major UI Upgrade to Main application Window

  • ALL Start Up Tips have been set to NOT pop up by default.

Upgrade of Job Master Window

  • Reworked quantities control UI.
  • Default job quantity has been set to 3.
  • Status update prompts have been removed, job status will now update automatically after certain actions.
  • Set the demos to show all Job Master general controls.

Bid's Fixes and Incremental Improvements

  • Item/Version tab labels have been trimmed to 25 characters.
  • Bug that caused copied bids to show erroneous "RFQ Not Sent" has been fixed.

Multi-Item Spec Fixes and Incremental Improvements

  • Quantities control UI in the Item Editor has been reworked.
  • When bids are locked the Add, Delete, Up, and Down are disabled.
  • Table header red text has been replaced with bold white.
  • New menu item "Add a Quantity" has been added to the Item Editor.
  • Added a new "Duplicate" item button.

Incremental Improvements & Fixes

  • Status update prompts have been removed from Project Master; project status will no update automatically after certain actions.
  • Date range settings pop-up has been added to the Job Calendar.

May 2021

Major UI Upgrade to Main application Window

  • Added spacing and guide lines between data table rows.
  • Simplified and freshened color scheme.
  • Updated Job, Project and Ratecard summary panels to be resizable and clearer.
  • Rebuilt Job Calendar tab to be resizable and clearer.
  • Replaced text on some buttons with more compact symbols.
  • Summary Panels:
    • Added De-Activate/Re-Activate toggle button to highlight function.
    • Replaced less obvious Active check box.

Upgrade of Document Preview Technology

  • Reliability fewer crashes and delays during processing
  • Prevents partial document printing
  • Faster start up especially of Project Manager
  • View in Browser option

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

  • Added features to prevent file in use errors when viewing document PDFs.
  • Fixed Project Status update prompts after sending Proposals and invoices.

April 2021

Copy File Bank files between Jobs and Projects

  • Added dialog to Search/Select for a Job/Project.
  • Added dialog to List/Select Files for copying.
  • Annotates file history with origin of file.

Background Updating

  • License data updates automatically on start up.
  • Bidding data updates every 15 minutes.
  • Revised "Reload Data" function:
    • Works on a background thread.
    • Show progress in button text.
    • Disables button until complete.

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

  • Fixed handling of currency values over 10 million.
  • Addressed sporadic concurrent modification error reports.
  • Addressed sporadic Performance Queue error reports.
  • Adjusted Summary Panel data loading:
    • Loads on a separate thread.
    • Loads only after record is selected for 1 second.
    • These changes enhance scrolling performance and eliminate UI delays.
  • Addressed sporadic Item List loading issues error reports.
  • Job Date description rendering improved.
  • Cancel Job email bug fixed.
  • Fixed Copy Project problem when more than 5 Jobs are attached to the Project.

February 2021

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

  • Added Project List yellow highlighting for new projects from P3Connect and other sources
  • Fixed Dialog sizes due to change in Java rendering many places.
  • Bid comparison report fixed bug caused by deleted Suppliers.
  • Quick Books Customer Selector performance enhanced.
  • Project Manager: Project Update Email: Enhanced to allow message file attachments.
  • Project Manager: Order Confirmation: Enhanced to automatically add customer email addresses.

December 2020

Supplier Portal Activated:

  • Job Order Emails: Added Supplier Portal button links.
  • Added Menu Item to View Order Acceptance.
  • Added Menu Item to View Order Shipments.
  • Job List highlights newly accepted Order notices.
  • Job List highlights new Shipment notices.

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

  • Multi-Item Specs: fixed problem with currency changes.
  • Job List added text "New Prices Received" after updating prices.
  • Modified Document Header Blocks to retain more consistent formatting in emails and PDFs
  • Project List: multi-project Updating
    • Added Project Status option
    • Added progress monitor bar / cancel pop-up
  • Job List: multi-project Updating
    • Added Job Status option
    • Added progress monitor bar / cancel pop-up
  • Admin File-Lock manager:
    • Added progress monitor bar / cancel pop-up
    • Fixed Date Display and sorting by date.
  • Projects removed QuickBooks check when opening projects.

October 2020

Project Special Fields: Project Manager Window:

  • Implemented text input controls for setting 4 Project Special Field values.
  • Improved display of selected customer to show Contact name and Company.
  • Restored insertion of standard message text in Order Confirmation emails.

Project Special Fields: Enterprise Settings:

  • Implemented on/off mechanism for all special fields (Jobs and Projects).
    • Individual fields are activated by giving them a Label in the Lists & Label manager.
    • Anything other than the default value or ““ will cause the input control to be visible.
    • If a blank label is desired a single space “ “ will activate the control.

Supplier & Customer Import Functions overhauled

  • Cleaned up import template generators.
  • Removed non-importable column headers
  • Added instructions to the Import Template files.
  • Cleaned up error handling in import functions.
  • Added progress monitor and cancel button to import processor.
  • Added record updating using external record IDs

Premium Export Data System:

  • Added Template editor window and functions.
    • Save As Function
    • Delete Function
    • Displays template field list
    • Field editor allows for Labeling, Formatting and selection of the data field.
    • Added provision to allow export of winning bid values.
    • Added provisions to allow export of extended Job Rating information.

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

  • Project List: Fixed Active/Inactive project filtering.
  • Job List: Bulk Ownership Change: Added Progress Bar and Cancel.
  • Job Records: Added 2 retry attempts to Unlock Job function.
  • XML Parsing:
    • Corrected handling of non-ascii characters. Specifically null characters as end of file markers.
    • Eliminated problem with double encoding of of tab characters.

April 2020

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

Main Application Window:

  • Fixed Buy Now link to go to p3software.com/sales
  • Fixed display of Distributor branding buttons.

Job Manager: Flexi-Spec Templates:

  • Fixed empty Flexi-Spec templates list when in data-metering mode.
  • P3FileBank: Consolidated queries for Bids Files into a single Job or RateCard query.
  • Job Specification: Flexi-Spec and Notes sections:
    • Adjusted Labels-Column to top-align with the top of large text blocks.

Enterprise Settings:

  • File Locks: Fixed display of lock creation time data.

Send Email Window:

  • System now “remembers” users selection on the “CC me” check box.

Emails Messages:

  • Job Orders & General emails:
    • Fixed right-aligned text in specifications and other sections.
  • RFQ emails: Fixed minor table nesting issue.

General Infrastructure:

  • Sending Data Table Updates:
    • Improved error/retry messaging,
    • Added automatic-retry before failing,
    • Added option to run updates in background where appropriate.
  • XML Parser:
    • Improved screening and error-handling for invalid characters.
    • Improved parsing logic and end of content detection.
    • Simplified and clarified new-line character substitution option used for HTML rendering.

February 2020

Fixes and Incremental Improvements

Data Tables: Loading Failures:

  • Added retry/continue/shutdown option to handle error.

Help Pages:

  • Fixed page links several places in Detail Specifications windows.

Tax Rate Table Refactoring:

  • Eliminated creation of duplicate 0.0% rates.
  • Fixed sync of QBOL rates

Send Email Refactoring:

  • Job Award: Handles "no recipients" condition for Bids Declined without Exception pop-up.
  • Support Email: Eliminated attachments Exception problem.
  • Limited size of error messages logged into history, was causing corruption in files due to excessive size.

Job Numbering: Refactoring:

  • Fixed Issues with file locking during editing process.
  • Simplified API by separating tasks into separate methods.
  • Changed data file format to use XML storage.
  • Added Legacy to XML format migration process.

Enterprise Settings: Option List Editor:

  • Fixed issue where items could have duplicate indexes, which caused erratic behavior.

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