Project Job List

Project Manager showing the Job tab pane

Purpose & Function

The project job list is part of the Project Manager. It is located on a tab pane of the Project Manager window, labeled Jobs/RFQs or Jobs. The project job list is a tool for viewing the jobs that are currently associated with a project. Jobs can also be added to the project and removed from the project using this list. The association between a project in one or more jobs is important in two ways:

  • First, it synchronizes the project name, customer, and owner across all the jobs and the project. A change in one of these parameters on any of the jobs or project will cause all the other parts of the project to be updated.
  • Second, the project gathers costs from all the jobs associated with it. This allows the system to calculate a net profit amount for the project.

New Job

Creates a new job and opens the Job Master Window.

Open Job

Opens the job that has been selected from the job list within the Project Manager.

Copy Job

Copies the selected job on the job list.

Set Status All Jobs

Allows a user to set the job status for all jobs within the project.

Remove Job

To remove a job from a project, highlight a job on the job list, and then click the Remove From Project button. A failsafe pop up message will check to be sure that the user wants the job removed from the project. If confirmed, the job will be taken off the job list, and the project name on the job record will also be removed.

PLEASE NOTE: a job can also be removed from the project in the Job Master window, using the Project menu / "Remove Job From Project" menu item.

Add Existing Job

Job Selector Pop-Up window from the Project Manager window / Jobs tab / Add button

When the user clicks the Add button, a Job Selector window is presented to the user. This window presents an abbreviated view of the job list with some additional controls for searching and selecting records. When the list is first presented, it shows only active jobs with no project name or the same project name as the project the user is working on. This will generally be a short list of the most likely jobs the user wants to add to the project.